Free Divisibility Rules & Division Tables

Divisibility rules in maths are the pillar to getting greater success and understanding of the subject. This will help you in comprehending whether the number is divisible or not. Without actually doing the long division, the method helps the student in understanding its factors and multiples. One can know whether the number is divisible by one number or not by applying the approach. If you learn all these rules then you do not need to go with the whole division process in order to identify if the number is divisible by another number or not. Different number or divisibility tests can be practiced on the same number and the prime factorization can be driven.

If you are a student or even if you are not a student then also, here you can understand the mechanism of the rules of all the numbers possible. Some of the methods for the number we represent here are

  1. Division Table 1-10
  2. Division Table 1-20
  3. Division Table 1-30
  4. Division Table 1-40

Divisibility Rule with Example [Divide Rule]

The method can be used in numerous situations, one of them being when the number is large. The method makes it simple, easy, and fast to do the division without going the long route. In practical life situations, the method can be very useful and time-saving.

We here will provide you table for all the single-digit numbers as well as the double-digit numbers.

Division Table

Divisibility Rule of 5

Here is an example of how you would use the method on a number and how important it is to learn to incorporate it into your daily life. If you want to learn whether the number is divisible by 5 or not, you need to check the digit of the number on the once place. If it is either 0 or 5 then it will be divisible by the number 5. If the number is 5 then it is directly divisible by 5, but if it is 0 then the outcome of the method will be a multiple of 2. 

Divisibility Rule of 17

The rule to check the divisibility of 17 is different from the number 5. The rule says that, if you multiply the last digit by 5 and deduct the product from the rest of the number then if the result is divisible by 17, then the question number is divisible by the number 17. It is an easy and fast way to know if the number is divisible rather than dividing the whole number.

Just like this, different numbers required different methods to check the divisibility. You can learn about all of them here by the table templates we provide to you. It includes methods, conditions, and rules altogether in one chart. You can acquire the chart from here and learn this method to make your mathematics fun and easy. Because it’s not always about hard work but smart work. Learn smartly and in a fun way. 

Other Divisibility rule also provided in this website.

Not only it will help in your studies but it will also be helpful to you in your daily life situations. You will no longer need to struggle with math problems and you will be the one to quickly find the answer.