Learn the divisibility rule for 1 with us and develop the strong fundamentals of mathematics from very scratch. The article ahead makes the discussion over the divisibility concept of 1 that we shall discuss with our readers. By the end of the article, one would be able to grasp the whole concept of the divisibility rule. The article is highly useful for the early schooling kids who are just exploring the basic calculations of divisions from and with the different integers.

The rule of divisibility simply refers to the concept of dividing one integer by the other and finding its remainder. If the remainder is a whole number then it’s said to be the divisible number otherwise it’s just the opposite of it. The whole numbers are basically the numbers that have their whole value and are not infractions such as 1,2,3,4 etc. So with the knowledge of the whole and the fractional numbers, one can easily determine whether a number is completely divisible by others.

Divisibility Rule of 1

Well, the divisibility rule of 1 is something that takes the integer of 1 into the consideration. Here we basically take into consideration whether any other integer is divisible by 1. Here the other integer could be 0,1,2,3,5 and the list goes on till the infinity. So, we have to basically divide the other integer by 1 and then look upon the remainder in the results. If the remainder here comes out as the whole number then the integer is divisible by 11 and if it comes in the fraction then it is not divisible.

Example of Divisibility Rule of 1

For instance, if we check whether 2 is divisible by 1 then we shall figure it out by the division process 2/1= 1. As we here have the whole and full remainder therefore we can say that the 2 is divisible by 1. In a similar manner, we can take the other integers into the focus to find its divisibility by 1. The process goes on in a similar manner until we get to have the actual result of the divisibility for the concerned integer. Furthermore, if any number is actually divisible by the 1 then it becomes the multiples of the 1. For instance, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and all other whole numbers are the multiples of the 1.

In mathematics the concept of division is very immense that plays a huge role in building the fundamentals for the basic calculations. Just like addition and subtraction divisibility also plays a huge role in solving mathematical calculations. With the knowledge of divisibility, you can easily figure out the various types of mathematical calculations just by using the shortcuts.

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Divisibility Rule for 1

For instance, if you wish to check out the easy answers of time, speed, calculations then divisibility definitely comes into play. There are always such factors that make divisibility an integral part of our mathematics and our lives. So, we do hope that the article would come in handy to you for understanding the divisibility rule of 1.

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